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Joy for the customer
Profits for you

Customers are the center of every step in Dropfoods product and service development. Increasing the happiness of customers' shopping experience is our top priority. Similarly, when cooperating with Dropfoods, support partners in generating the best profit and pleasure are also our business goal.

Our Story

Dropfoods Team

Dropfoods is funded by Sugar Ventures, the most dynamic and multidisciplinary venture fund in Singapore. Sugar Ventures is one of the largest venture builders in Southeast Asia, nurturing greenfield ideas to change the world.

Established in 2016, Dropfoods operates with the first 5 vending machines placed in apartments and office buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, and 5 employees take care of the entire operation.

After five years of development, we are proud of the network expansion of more than 120 machines in the city, with the "golden" locations for machine placing from apartments and office buildings, commercial centers, entertainment areas to schools, hospitals, private companies and factories. The Dropfoods team also grew effectively with more than 40 employees in charge of software technology development, sales - marketing, customer care, service - engineering, finance - accounting and operations - logistics.

All the management software and operating features of the vending machine are developed internally and exclusively. Therefore, it can be said that Dropfoods is a vending machine technology company, and makes Dropfoods become a very competitive brand on the vending machine market.

Customers are still the main goal through the years of Dropfoods development and customer satisfaction is always the highest value that creating Dropfoods’s sustainability.

Vision & Mission

With the smart vending machine system, we want to bring out the most modern, enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to customers. When cooperating, Dropfoods strives to become a reputable partner, offering quality solutions, ensuring the best satisfaction and profit for businesses.

Instead of expanding the location and installing a large quantity of machines to cover the market quickly, Dropfoods chose a sustainable strategy in accordance with the core values that we place on top, the customer. Each Dropfoods smart vending machine provides the best quality service with suitable and ready on the shelf products, the hotline is always active to assist with problems. Maintenance team observes regularly to make sure the machine operates smoothly, providing the best buying experience.

Utilizing the technology's potential, Dropfoods apply the preeminent management software development into smart vending machine systems to make the business's operation easier than ever before.

Customer's benefit is what we always focus on. Because there are customers, there are us. Therefore, Dropfoods expects the output results not only of the services we provide, but also the sustainable and utility value for customers, for Dropfoods itself and for the whole community.

Our Founder

Dropfoods Chairman - Dr. Mark Hon
Dr. Mark Hon
Dr. Mark Hon is an accredited entrepreneur and investor with experience in bringing companies across 5 countries from ideation to IPO and strategic acquisitions. He is founder of Sugar Ventures capital in Singapore and former chairman of the oldest angel investment network in Asia. He also serves on investment committees of public and private sector funds that support entrepreneurship.