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With the machine purchasing investment model, what services will Dropfoods provide?

When choosing the vending machines purchasing invesment model, Dropfoods will provide customers with:

* Vending machine, according to selected model (Consultation - Installation - Usage instruction, Operation - Basic technical training)

* Account for data management tool

* 2 year technical and hardware warranty

* Standard maintenance package included

* Customer care via hotline in case of technical issues

* Customization service for management software (Optional)

* Customization service for machine hardware to fit the products to be sold (Optional)

* Refilling service, following the standard schedule (Optional)

* F&B products supply (Optional)

Optional services will cause additional fees, depending on demand and investment level. Dropfoods will have different policies for each specific case.

If my products have specific sizes, different from F&B, can it be sold in the vending machine?

Depending on the type of products, Dropfoods needs specific samples to be able to consult customers whether the product is suitable for sale in vending machines or not.

Dropfoods also offers custom display-tray and machine hardware services to match with a variety of products. However, it should noted that the display cabinet space is fixed, therefore compact-sized products will be sold in higher quantity than large-sized products.

Items that can be placed in the Dropfoods machine-trays are snacks, water, toy boxes, souvenirs, personal items, etc.

If I would like to purchase a machine outside of Ho Chi Minh City, does Dropfoods provide out of province service?
For areas outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Dropfoods currently only provides vending machine solutions and food and beverage delivery services. Dropfoods does not support technical services such as maintenance or refill.
Does Dropfoods has any supportive policies in case sales revenue does not meet investment expectation?
Depending on the investment level, Dropfoods will have different support policies,. Please kindly contact us or leave your information on the website for detailed consultation by Dropfoods staff.
If I want to be a franchisee of the Dropfoods brand, what is the franchise fee?

Currently, to develop our franchise program, Dropfoods does not charge any franchise fees. Customers who choose the franchise model will only bear the investment fee for the vending machines, similar to the self-employed model, but will operate under the brand name Dropfoods.

Dropfoods will transfer the entire business model with operating processes, supply, management software, technical training and support for entrepreneur under Dropfoods's franchise policy.

Which forms of advertising cooperation does Dropfoods provide?

Dropfoods has 2 forms of advertising cooperation:

* For brands: Dropfoods provides video advertising packages and presentation banners on LCD screens in Full HD resolution on the entire Dropfoods vending machine system. Target groups are diversified by the placement location, suitable for low-cost and focused advertising campaigns.

*For machine buying and franchising partners: Dropfoods can rent the advertising screen on the investor's vending machines for its advertising business. Therefore, machine owners and franchisees will always have fixed income from the monthly advertising rental fee.