Dropfoods cooperates with Co.opXtra to install smart vending machines to provide convenience for shoppers.

Dropfoods has recently cooperated with Co.opXtra supermarket to install a smart vending machine in order to provide utilities for visitors shopping at the supermarket. Dropfoods vending machine installed at Co.opXtra supermarket promises to bring new and exciting shopping…


Dropfoods cooperates with Shojiki to exploit advertising on vending machine

Shojiki Advertising JSC and SugarV Company signed a cooperation agreement to exploit many types of advertising on the Dropfoods vending machine system. During the event, the two parties agreed to cooperate in developing advertising services on the Dropfoods


Cooperating with Gia Dinh University

Utilities at Gia Dinh University

Since 2020, Gia Dinh University has cooperated with Dropfoods to install smart vending machines.

Gia Dinh University is one of the high-standard schools that always invests in building facilities and equipment in…


Cooperating with Vietopia Amusement Park

Interesting Beverage Purchasing Experience With Vending Machines At Vietopia Amusement Park

Vietopia amusement park is a large-scale indoor playground for children. Vietopia has built a miniature city campus and prioritized investment in lifelike modern facilities to increase the


Cooperation with Concentrix Office

Story about vending machine at Concentrix Office

Recently, Dropfoods has installed a smart vending machine at the Concentrix office in Ho Chi Minh City

Concentrix is a leading US company in the field of customer experience service,…


Cooperation with Nam Viet International Education Group

Co-operation in deploying smart vending machines with Nam Viet International Education Group

In early 2021, Dropfoods signed a cooperation contract to deploy smart vending machine solutions with Nam Viet International Education Group

Nam Viet International School with…


Cooperation with Vietjet Air Academy

Vending Machines Experience At Vietjet Air Academy

In 2019, Vietjet Air Academy cooperated with Dropfoods to install smart vending machines

Vietjet Air Academy is the leading aviation technology center in Ho Chi Minh City. With spacious and…


Cooperation with District 4 Hospital

Alternative Solution For District 4 Hospital’s Canteen

Dropfoods has installed vending machines at District 4 Hospital since 2018, ensuring the best service for patients, family members, and staff

District 4 Hospital is no stranger to Ho Chi…


Cooperation with VUS English Center

4.0 Vending Machine at VUS English Center

VUS English Center is the most prestigious English language system in Vietnam, with more than 30 branches in Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2017, VUS English Center has trusted and cooperated…