Dropfoods cooperates with Co.opXtra to install smart vending machines to provide convenience for shoppers.

Customer story_ Hợp tác cùng Co.opXtra EN

Dropfoods has recently cooperated with Co.opXtra supermarket to install a smart vending machine in order to provide utilities for visitors shopping at the supermarket. Dropfoods vending machine installed at Co.opXtra supermarket promises to bring new and exciting shopping experiences to customers.

About Co.opXtra

The Co.opXtra hypermarket model is the result of the cooperation between the two leading co-operatives of the two countries, inheriting the experience of developing and applying new technologies to business and production activities from NTUC FairPrice combined with SaigonCo.op's understanding and trust of Vietnamese consumers.
Co.opXtra is a diverse destination suitable for all audiences, from individual customers, households to corporate/organizational customers from small to large. Individual customers of Co.opXtra are guaranteed to fully enjoy all benefits from the Loyalty program at Co.opMart, and corporate/organizational customers will have special care and attractive preferential policies.

About Dropfoods

Dropfoods - a vending machine company invested by Sugar Ventures, the most dynamic and diversified investment fund in Singapore. Sugar Ventures is one of the largest "startup investment" models in Southeast Asia, where ideas to change the world are nurtured. With its smart vending machine system, Dropfoods wishes to bring the most modern, enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to customers.

The reasons of the cooperation

Dropfoods and Co.opXtra both realized the convenience of vending machines for customers to visit and shop at the supermarket, that is why the two parties signed a cooperation agreement to place vending machines at the supermarket. From today, customers visiting and shopping at Co.opXtra Linh Trung Thu Duc can experience more automatic purchases on Dropfoods vending machines.

The Dropfoods vending machine is installed along the entrance corridor of the supermarket, so it is easy for most people to see and very convenient to experience it when shopping at the supermarket.

Benefits once buying on Dropfoods machine

1. Buy goods quickly without queuing for payment and contact with many people

2. Easy and fast payment with diverse payment methods such as: cash payment with change, payment via E-wallet such as: VNPAY, Grab MOCA, Shopee Pay (Airpay) and can pay via Dropfoods mobile apps.

3. Enjoy the incentives from the promotions on the machine.

4. Besides that the Dropfoods vending machine also has a mobile top up function to help customers top up their phones quickly and conveniently.

In addition to the above advantages for customers buying on the machine, Dropfoods also provides a solution to help businesses and brands easily promote and introduce their product images to consumers effectively with advertising packages on the vending machine such as showing on the machine's LCD screen, sticking stickers on the machine’s body, displaying products on the machine.

In the future, Dropfoods and Co.opXtra supermarkets are working hard every day to bring consumers the most convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.
Contact Dropfoods immediately for further advice on services related to special vending machines and smart vending machines with modern features.