Cooperation with VUS English Center


4.0 Vending Machine at VUS English Center

VUS English Center is the most prestigious English language system in Vietnam, with more than 30 branches in Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2017, VUS English Center has trusted and cooperated with Dropfoods to install smart vending machines.

VUS is an English training center with international standards, so it has always focused on investing in building a standard system. The deployment of vending machines is also one of the solutions to provide students with the best learning environment.

Currently, Dropfoods has installed 44 vending machines at VUS branches, on average 2 machines are installed at each location. At the same time, Dropfoods is still cooperating with VUS English Center to expand in its other branches in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dropfoods vending machines have a modern interface and are simple to use. The machine sells products like snacks, beverages and yogurts, to serve students and teachers at the centers.

For students and teachers

The installation of vending machines brings many benefits and convenience to students as well as the staff at the centers. They meet the needs for buying drinks, snacks and learning tools after lessons without having to go far.

Dropfoods smart vending machines provides hygienic food with clear origin and ensures food safety at listed prices, helping teachers, students and parents feel secure when buying goods at the machines.

For the center

Dropfoods vending machines provide a modern lifestyle, bring a sophisticated image and increases brand awareness for VUS English Center.

Dropfoods smart vending machines are compact in size and easy to use, They save space and are suitable for children in the centers. The investment in the vending machines at the centers also bring passive income to the centers through sales.

What customers say about Dropfoods vending machines

Dropfoods vending machines located in VUS English Centers have received raved reviews from customers. Here are some comments:

Ms. Thuy, a parent of a child studying at the center shared: “Many times when my child goes to school, I give it money but I am worried that my child will buy bad food, causing stomach ache. Since the center has installed the vending machines, I have been much more at ease. "

Ms. Minh, a teacher at the school added: “After teaching hours, I can buy soft drinks or food without having to leave the center. It is also very convenient that I can top-up my phone's credit.”

Quang Bao, a student at the center: "I like these smart vending machines very much. I can buy goods quickly without having to wait and fear of being late for class.”

The Center Director
: “With the desire to bring benefits to not only the center’s staff but also for students and parents, VUS Center has decided to cooperate with Dropfoods. Dropfoods' solutions and service packages have brought a new, modern appearance and created confidence for VUS Center. ”

Dropfoods has partnered with VUS English Center and many other business units and has received very positive feedback. Please kindly contact us for a consultation about the most effective solution for you.