Cooperation with District 4 Hospital

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Alternative Solution For District 4 Hospital’s Canteen

Dropfoods has installed vending machines at District 4 Hospital since 2018, ensuring the best service for patients, family members, and staff.

District 4 Hospital is no stranger to Ho Chi Minh City citizens, with hundreds of people going in and out of the hospital every day. With a large campus but only one canteen, the hospital can not guarantee to serve all the essential needs of patients. For that reason, District 4 Hospital has cooperated with Dropfoods to install smart vending machines in many locations, functioning as miniature canteens which operate 24/7.

Conveniences for patients

While waiting for examination, testing and results collection, visitors always have the need for refreshments or snacks. Therefore, vending machines help customers to promptly meet their needs.

Conveniences for medical staff

The staff, nurses, and doctors on duty also need resting hours. Vending machines provide snacks as well as drinks, help them to recharge during breaks, and support higher productivity.

Customers who have trusted in Dropfoods's service

Ms. Minh Tu, a patient shared: “This is my first time seeing this machine. It is a bit confusing at first as I have never used it before. But a short while, I found it easy to use. The purchases are fast and it also knows how to give out change. So amazing”.

Ms. Thu, a relative of a patient confided: “I really enjoy the Dropfoods vending machine. it has so many features and it is also easy to use. Lots of drinks and snacks. There was an urgent matter the day before but my phone ran out of credit so I could not make a call. Fortunately, this machine has the phone top-up function. It’s so convenient”.

Mr. Tam, an employee at the clinic said: “I find this machine very convenient. No need to stand in line or get jostled when buying. I can buy at any time without having to go far or buy products outside without ensured hygiene".

With all the benefits of the vending machines, Dropfoods and its professional services have received many positive reviews from consumers.

Conveniences for hospitals

Installing a vending machine can help save costs, compared to opening a separate cafeteria area, especially regarding staff and space. The machine can also be placed in many different locations, including on high floors.

Placing Dropfoods smart vending machines does not only help generate income for the hospital but also helps to solve issues with street vendors, such as the loss of beauty in the surrounding area. It creates a more beautiful image for the hospital.