Cooperation with Concentrix Office


Story about vending machine at Concentrix Office

Recently, Dropfoods has installed a smart vending machine at the Concentrix office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Concentrix is a leading US company in the field of customer experience service, with a presence in over 44 countries. Concentrix Vietnam always strives to provide the best environment for their employees. With the mission of always focusing on people as the key factor, Concentrix heavily invests in developing facilities and equipment to serve employees with the best working regime.

Located inside Quang Trung Software Park, Concentrix is quite far from the shops and stores. Therefore, the company has cooperated with Dropfoods to install a vending machine in order to provide employees with practical utilities and to create a professional and modern working environment for the office.

A smart vending machine at the office provides a variety of products such as drinking water, milk and instant noodles, in order to serve the needs of employees during break time and after stressful working shifts. Employees can make quick purchases right within the company without having to go far, helping them regain energy and work more efficiently.

Additionally, Dropfoods smart vending machine has also integrated more features, such as cashless payment with E-wallets or Dropfoods Apps and phone top-up function.

Interviewed about the vending machine at Concentrix Office, the employees at the company raved about the convenience and satisfaction:

Ms. Tam, an employee at the Concentrix office said: “Vending machines are very convenient. The sisters in the company often buy snacks right in the company without having to wait until it is shipped. For those busy days, I do not have time to eat breakfast at home so I eat at the company, because the machine also sells a lot of food”.

Mr. Thanh, Director at Concentrix company shared: “Concentrix's mission is towards people. The company always desire to create the most comfortable working condition for employees. Since the vending machine is applied, I have seen employee satisfaction increased. The employees' break time has also become happier and more connected and it helps them regain energy for higher productivity at the same time. I am very satisfied and believe in the service of Dropfoods and hope to cooperate more with Dropfoods in the future.”

Dropfoods has accompanied Concentrix and contributed a part in the company’s effort to fulfill its mission to create a pleasant, professional and modern working environment for its employees.