Cooperation with Nam Viet International Education Group

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Co-operation in deploying smart vending machines with Nam Viet International Education Group

In early 2021, Dropfoods signed a cooperation contract to deploy smart vending machine solutions with Nam Viet International Education Group.

Nam Viet International School with the aim of creating an internationally integrated education for students has always prioritized investment in educational equipment, technology application, and modern facilities.

In terms of facilities, the school always wants to open the canteen to serve students' convenience, however, the issue of food safety and hygiene is carefully considered. This is a concern not only for the school but also for parents whose children are studying at school.

Recognizing the importance of food safety and hygiene, Nam Viet International Education Group has "joined hand" with Dropfoods - a leading company in smart vending machine systems in Vietnam in order to provide essential utilities to the teachers and students at school in the most modern, civilized and quality way.

In addition to providing familiar food and beverage, the special feature of Dropfoods smart vending machines also integrates many extensions such as cashless payment with E-wallets: Grabpay by MOCA, VNPay, Dropfoods Apps, as well as phone top up, purchase phone scratch cards ... provide the complete and best experience for teachers and students at school.

Sharing this cooperation, the representative of Nam Viet International Education Group said that this is considered important strategic cooperation between the two sides. Based on Nam Viet International Education Group’s school system, the installation of Dropfoods smart vending machines at the campuses contributes to the improvement of the facilities, builds a civilized, convenient, and modern school environment, and promotes integration into the international educational environment.

Dropfoods also received shares from this partnership:

Mr. Tran Ngoc Ben - a teacher at the school also shared: “With the mission, Nam Viet elevates the level of Vietnamese knowledge, training generations of students with sufficient knowledge, deep intellect, broad soul and physical strength to live, study and work. Ensuring the best facilities such as the installation of a smart vending machine not only serves teaching and learning purposes but also provides convenience and happiness for the school staff and students, creating an energetic and creative learning environment”.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh, Sales Director of Dropfoods added: “As the leading company specializing in providing smart vending machines in Vietnam, Dropfoods is proud to bring the most convenient and suitable solutions for customers. With the experience and understanding, Dropfoods is committed to accompanying Nam Viet International Education Group in the mission of "planting people '' and on the way to integration with international education".

The cooperation contract to deploy a smart vending machine system solution between Dropfoods and Nam Viet International Education Group is a milestone to open up a new partnership relationship between the two sides in order to create sustainable values ​​in the future together.