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Vending Business that is Profitable

Dropfoods offers many suitable solutions for different business purposes to meet the diverse demands of investors. With solutions from Dropfoods, investors will have the opportunity to participate in the retail market and gain profits.



Modern and efficient food and beverage business model with Dropfoods’ brand. Comprehensive installation, operation, supply, sales and maintenance process support following Dropfoods’ regulations.


Vending machine investment

Implement self-employment ideas easily. Significant cost savings compared to opening a store. Arrangement, operation and sales, all automated.



High attraction efficiency. Promoting brand recognition of businesses with a wide Dropfoods vending machine system. Reach thousands of potential customers every day.

Industry Applications

Profitable Business Model With Vending Machines

Vending machines have been successful in solving consumer demands quickly. Therefore, doing business with vending machines should be very interesting to investors and retail businesses.

Become a Dropfoods’s partner
Dropfoods is a prestigious brand in the vending machine market. We offer collaboration opportunities for businesses in order to develop the retail industry together.

Attractive business models with Dropfoods vending machines

Invest in vending machines for self-employment
The cost of investing in a vending machine business is always considerably lower than opening a grocery store. With vending machines, you do not need large space to do business, since each machine only occupies an average of 2m2. Enterprises will also save money on hiring staff because the machine operates automatically 24/7.
Vending machine business solutions are simple because you do not need to think too much about the arrangement and operation. Dropfoods will help you with the first steps to start the business. You only need to invest in a vending machine once and can operate it freely according to your own business purposes. Moreover, profits can come from letting other businesses and brands rent advertising slots on the machine, generating passive income for you.

Dropfoods Franchise
Dropfoods franchise form is similar to buying a machine to do business. However, instead of self-employment with their own brands and products, investors who choose a franchise model will not have to worry about business ideas. Dropfoods supports you at all aspects, such as installation, operation, product sourcing and management software, according to Dropfoods’ regulation.
Currently, Dropfoods’ franchise fee is completely zero. Investors with idle funds without any investment ideas can try to experience the retail model with Dropfoods vending machines.

Vending Machine Rental
Apart from buying vending machines, enterprises which want to expand their business but lack the initial capital to buy a large number of machines should consider our rental plan. It is also suitable for small investors who shy away from spending a big amount of money to buy machines. By renting vending machines instead of buying vending machines, they can reduce business risks and concerns.
The average rental price is 6 million VND/month. You can rent a machine that suits your needs without worrying about capital and business risks. If you would like to end the contract, you only need to notify us about 01 month in advance.

Place brand advertising on the system of more than 120 Dropfoods machines.
Dropfoods vending machines have been deployed in more than 120 locations and reached many customers. With a large and classified client file, Dropfoods provides businesses advertising services, assisting your marketing strategy effectively at a low cost. We will consult you and select the right placement locations in order for you to reach your target group.

Dropfoods vending machines are increasingly asserting its position in the market. And above all, Dropfoods wishes to create more opportunities for enterprises and investors to do business. Let’s cooperate and develop together.