Pharmacies and Hospitals

Pharmacies, hospitals and clinics are high potential locations for vending machine placement because they are areas where many people pass by everyday. The deployment of vending machines will bring many benefits and meet immediate needs of customers and the medical staff.

Benefits for pharmacies and hospitals when installing vending machines

Vending machines don’t only cater to the need for foods and beverages of customers in hospitals and clinics, they can also be use to as mini medicine vending machines that provide common drugs. This limits the overcrowding in hospitals and pharmacies and patients are also enticed to be more active in purchasing medicine.

Pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies can also use vending machines to sell customary medicine to aid symptom relief without prescription or nutritional supplements and vitamins. With vending machines, pharmacy chains or pharmaceutical companies can easily expand their automatic medicine selling business without the need for large premises and sales staff which saves operating costs.

Select a suitable vending machines provider for pharmacies and hospitals

Dropfoods is one of the most reputable smart vending machine supplier. The company is invested in by Sugar Ventures fund from Singapore, and is proud to be a quality supplier of automatic vending machines in Vietnam.

Dropfoods and its experienced and professional staff also provides pharmacies and hospitals with service packages such as refilling of goods and technical maintenance to make it easier to operate the machines.

Currently, Dropfoods has installed vending machines in many hospitals and clinics in Ho Chi Minh city and has received many positive reviews from customers.

Vending machines are be the optimal solution for hospitals and clinics, bringing many benefits to users and building a modern image for the institution.