Cooperating with Gia Dinh University

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Utilities at Gia Dinh University

Since 2020, Gia Dinh University has cooperated with Dropfoods to install smart vending machines.

Gia Dinh University is one of the high-standard schools that always invests in building facilities and equipment in order to create the best learning and living conditions for students. Therefore, the school has chosen to install vending machines to bring convenience to students and teachers.

Vending machines have been placed at the hallway entrances, making it easy for students and teachers to buy goods. Products sold are snacks and soft drinks. Additionally, the machines also provide the feature of phone top-up, bringing the complete and best experience for teachers and students at school.

Vending machines provide hygienic food with clear origin and food safety while helping children to become familiar with the culture of convenient buying at the same time. Vending machines also contribute to improving facilities and building a sophisticated and modern school environment for Gia Dinh University.

Some words to shares from students and teachers regarding using vending machines:

Ms. Lan Anh, a teacher at the school shared: “Since the school has installed the vending machine, I can buy soft drinks or food after teaching hours without having to go out, which is very convenient, especially on hot summer days."

Yen Nhi, a student in class 11A1 said: “I don’t feel comfortable to jostle and wait to buy goods at the grocery store in front of the school. Since the school has a vending machine, it is much easier to purchase products. I can buy confectionery or drinks to replenish my energy at any time. "

The school principal shared: “Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue - Secondary and High School is cooperating with Dropfoods vending machine unit and we are very satisfied with the solutions and service packages that the company provides. Vending machines not only bring convenience to students and teachers but also contribute to building a more sophisticated and modern school environment. ”

Gia Dinh University has installed Dropfoods vending machines, bringing many benefits to students and teachers and at the same time building a unique image for the school. Dropfoods is proud to be a companion and we will cooperate with Gia Dinh University for further development.