Cooperating with Vietopia Amusement Park


Interesting Beverage Purchasing Experience With Vending Machines At Vietopia Amusement Park

Vietopia amusement park is a large-scale indoor playground for children. Vietopia has built a miniature city campus and prioritized investment in lifelike modern facilities to increase the attractiveness of the amusement park.

With the aim to be an edutainment city for children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietopia has cooperated with Dropfoods, a leading smart vending machine company in Vietnam, to build a professional and modern environment and to increase convenience for visitors of the park. Children and parents can make purchases quickly and conveniently and at the same time, creating contemporary buying practices to help children to get early access to modern technology.

Dropfoods smart vending machines are simple to use and are suitable for everyone. The machines provide all kinds of confectionery, beverages, yogurt, etc... Food in vending machines has a clear origin, ensuring food hygiene and safety and creates trust from the parents' side. In addition, the playground can also use the machines to sell toys and souvenirs

Dropfoods noted some sharing about the service of smart vending machines:

Ms. Thanh Ha, manager of Vietopia amusement park shared: “Vietopia amusement park aims to be a useful and healthy playground for children. The installation of a smart vending machine system has created an energetic environment and helped children to get early access to technology, creating an image of a modern playground. We are very satisfied with Dropfoods and its service and product quality”.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh, Sales Director of Dropfoods added: “With the desire to not only bring convenience but also joy to customers when experiencing our technology, Dropfoods is proud to be a bridge to bring the most convenient and suitable solutions for customers. With our experience and knowledge, Dropfoods commits to accompany Vietopia amusement park in building a healthy and modern playground environment”.

Dropfoods is cooperating with Vietopia amusement park for the past few years and together we are eager to create new breakthroughs in the future.