Advantages of using smart vending machines as a POSM

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In today's market, most of the brands in all fields, especially in the CPG industry, use Point of Sale Materials (POSM) to introduce and promote new products closer to customers. Usually, the traditional display items we often see such as tables, chairs, cabinets, or POS shelves, standees,... Have you ever thought that smart vending machines can replace all of them? Acting as a POSM, a smart vending machine can both help investors advertise and launch new products; can display and sell products exclusively on the machine. Dropfoods-Vietnam's leading smart vending machine brand will provide you with the optimal solution if you are looking for a new and different kind of POSM. Join Dropfoods to learn some outstanding advantages of using smart vending machines as POSM.

Smart vending machines create eye-catching display space and reduce many other costs

With a compact design, only taking up an area of about 1m to 1.5m, smart vending machines can help brands save a lot of display space but have a huge capacity of up to hundreds of products. Moreover, when displaying products in smart vending machines, products will be neatly arranged, eye-catching and preserved more safely than displaying products on ordinary shelves.

In addition, a smart vending machine that is both a seller and a cashier will help investors save a lot of labor costs. Experience on vending machines is really easy and friendly that brings to users a better buying -experience. Example, through vending machines buyers just need to to touch on the machine's screen to buy the items, they experience the whole process of buying without any more support from sellers. This feature brings to the consumer a different experience.

Smart vending machines have a variety of products

A lot of people think that smart vending machines only display and sell bottled soft drinks. However, it can also sell fast food or even household appliances. Therefore, vending machines are not only suitable for CPG companies but also suitable for other kinds of brands like: electronic items, necessary products. In the developed countries, smart vending machines sell cars, laptops and so on.

Via vending machines, companies can combine selling products and advertising for their brand. 

With the advantage features of smart vending machines like integrated LCD that can connect with data centers to display content, smart vending machines roles as the seller and advertising standees. The difference of this combination is creating the double impression because when consumers see the content displaying on machines, immediately, they can buy and try it on. In the competitive market, the difference in marketing will bring your products closer to customers. 

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