What is the reason for school to place smart vending machine?

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Thanks to the advantages of smart vending machines like 24/7 time selling, no seller, easy to pay with modern methods, smart vending machines obviously serve the convenience for students, teachers and employers once these machines are installed at schools. Beside that, smart vending machines can play the role of innovators to help students explore their deep curiosity ,especially in technology areas. In this article, Dropfoods - the leading vending machines in Vietnam will answer the question_ what is the reasons for schools to place smart vending machines at schools.

1. Smart vending machines bring the convenience about F&B for schools

Actually, the demand for F&B of students is always available and in high demand, students oftenly want to use or experience the new things relative to technology even in daily activities like buying foods from canteen at school. Whether smart vending machines can meet their requests, with smart vending machines, students not only can buy high quality foods but also they can experience the new ways to have foods, new ways to pay the bill. 

The quality products sold in smart vending machines are the key points also, both students and parents wish that they can enjoy quality foods. Through smart vending machines students can buy the products that are supplied by famous brands like Unilever, Coca, M&M, so on. 

2. Students experience technology products in real life

Smart vending machines now play the role of both a seller and a cashier, operating 24/7 without an operator. In particular, with smart vending machines with touch screen integration, users just make easy purchases by touching the LCD screen. Payment on vending machines are variable with pay by cash, pay by E-wallet, cashless payment is trending now and that also equips students to be familiar with the popular payment methods in developing countries. 

3. Smart vending machines partly contribute to improving the school's service

Currently, almost schools have a canteen, but it still does not serve enough for students. Normally, the current school canteen can only be served at a certain time of the day, at the playtime always have the huge number of students who want to buy food or drinks however, canteen can not serve for all of them due to the playtime is not long enough to serve for all, so the smart vending machines actically can help students buy food or drinks quickly with high technology. 

The school has a huge number of students, the vending machine company can install models of machines which have 02 LCD screens to buy at the same time. This type of smart vending will help students buy food & drinks more quickly. 

The above are the main benefits of smart vending machines in the schools.In the case of you want to have the vending machine at school, don’t hesitate to contact Dropfoods to get more advice as below:

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